It was a very successful two weeks in Canada at tbird for Poseidon Stables.  Karianne was champion in the baby green with Evoque week 1.  Karianne also had a great first week with Ouzo and Hopscotch.  Ouzo 10th and Hopscotch finished 12th in the 25,000 grand prix to finish out week 1.  Jennifer rode Evoque to some top placings in the 2'3 where they learned how to deal with the rain for the first time.  Karianne also had success with Bacchus and Luscious while Selah was off watching her sister graduate.  All the horses were great week 1 and built on that success for week 2.  Evoque continued to win and have top placings in the baby green.  Jennifer was champion in 2'6-2'9 division with Evoque (first time for this pair at this fence height).  Selah had great rounds in the 1.15m with Luscious and continued growing and learning with Bacchus with some great prizes as well.  Karianne really started showing her ability with her two grand prix mounts by finishing 4 & 5 in the $10,000 welcome.  Then finishing off the two weeks with a 6th place finish on Ferro DC "Ouzo" in the $55,500 world cup qualifier!  We can't wait to see how the rest of the summer goes for all the Poseidon horse and rider teams.

more slide show pictures coming soon!!

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